Frequently Asked Questions


  • What should I look out for before a cleaning day?
    • To ensure an effective cleaning service we would kindly like to ask you to tidy up your clothes, tableware and other private belongings. This is to ensure the focus on the cleaning service of the personnel and to give you a satisfying outcome.

  • Do I have to supply cleaning materials?
    • No. We are a professional cleaning service company and so have the legal obligation to use and provide certified cleaning materials. Our employees are trained in-house and on the job to have the highest level of expertise in order to prevent any work accidents. The only equipment which should ideally be provided is a hoover.

  • What happens if something is overlooked during a cleaning session?
    • We would like you to be happy with your apartment cleaning service all around. For this reason we do everything to live up to your expectations and wishes. If however there should be anything overlooked we would like to ask you to inform us. We will then make sure that this will be taken care of in the future to your liking.

  • What happens if something breaks during a cleaning service?
    • Principally we handle your belongings with great care. Nevertheless, if anything should be damaged by accident we will be sure to repair or replace the damage. We are fully insured and are liable in case of damage.

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  • Do I have to be present during a cleaning service?
    • A principal component of our service to you is that during a cleaning appointment you do not have to be present. After you have given your keys into our trustworthy hands we will clean your apartment for you. When you come home all work will have been done and you will have time to relax. Like in a hotel.

  • At what time will the cleaning personnel come?
    • During the booking you have the opportunity to choose a day and time window when your apartment will be cleaned. This generates a higher flexibility and hence a better outcome. However, if you would like to choose an exact time of cleaning this is no problem at all.

  • Who comes from AppClean to clean my apartment?
    • Not only the glass- and facades cleaning service but also the housekeeping in hotels and boardinghouses has been the main business of our company for many decades. As a matter of principle only cleaning personnel that have proven their input in our services and who we give our trust will be put in duty. Our apartment cleaning personnel works discrete and trustworthy.

  • What happens if I have to change my cleaning appointment?
    • We adjust to your wishes. If you should have the wish to change a cleaning appointment then just give us a call +49 171 3345571 or send us a message to We would just like to ask you to give us some lead time to plan the implementation of your wishes. The earlier you let us know the better we can coordinate a new appointment.

  • What happens if my cleaning appointment falls onto a bank holiday?
    • Principally we plan the cleaning appointments together with you so that there will not be any cleaning appointments of a bank holiday. This is due to the legal regulations of a surcharge on Sundays and bank holidays. If you should however have the wish to have an appointment on Sundays or a bank holiday then just contact us. We will invoice you the most costly option and then decide together with you to go forward with the booking.


  • How do I know that I can trust AppClean?
    • AppClean is no agency platform. AppClean is a professional cleaning service provider. Our company is on the market since 1898 and we work with experienced, insured cleaning personnel.

  • What else does AppClean do?
    • Our apartment cleaning service principally includes the household cleaning service which you have requested. Services such as carpet cleaning, stove cleaning, window cleaning, shopping services and many other services do not belong to the standard packages, but can be booked additionally. We are there to take care of your wishes. Just contact us!